OZ Packaging Services

At OZ Packaging, we go beyond being your source for packaging materials and machines – we provide a suite of services to elevate your business. Our commitment to excellence extends to after-sales support, where we understand the wear and tear equipment undergoes over time. Count on OZ Packaging to not just sell, but to be your trusted partner in servicing and maintaining your equipment for sustained performance.

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Machine Repairs & Install

Our factory trained technicians can repair and install it all. 

Training & Start-up

Looking to get started? Be trained by only the best in the industry.

Preventative Maintenance 

Go the extra mile to ensure your machines are ready to handle anything.

Conveyor Systems

Only the highest standard conveyor systems on the market to boost productivity and output.

Options & Upgrades

There is always room for something bigger and better. Ask us how!

Electrical Installation

Electrical Contractor Lic#1081275 & Bond Certified