​We offer an extensive range of packaging materials to meet all your needs, from primary to secondary packaging. Our selection includes but not limited to, boxes, shrink film, stretch films, various tapes, hot melt adhesives, and Markem ink. Whether you need standard or custom solutions, we have it all.

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​At OZ Packaging, we pride ourselves on being a full-service packaging company. Our comprehensive services include in-plant rebuilds, machine servicing, electrical work, preventative maintenance programs, continuous improvement assistance, training and start-up, PLC programming, and system integrations. We are dedicated to keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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Our diverse array of packaging machines caters to businesses of all sizes and budgets. We provide semi-automatic to fully automated systems, including but not limited to, robots, coding machines, bagging machines, x-ray technology, hot melt machines, case sealers, and pallet wrappers. Partnered with top OEM manufacturers, we ensure top quality and efficiency.

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Why Choose Us?

We don't just sell equipment or materials, we sell solutions. Our 100+ years of combined experience in the industry, OZ Packaging can guarantee that we can find the solution that works for you. At OZ Packaging, we take pride in our unmatched after-sales support. Our factory-trained technicians are dedicated to ensuring the continuous flow of your operations. Beyond this, we offer holistic solutions, including systems integrations, flexibility, competitive pricing, and exclusive VIP programs, making us your ultimate one-stop shop. Our commitment is more than just selling – we aim to be your trusted partner for achieving operational excellence.

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