Hot Melt x Jowat 

We are excited to share our partnership with Jowat Adhesives, experts in hot melt technology. Through this collaboration, we now offer a diverse selection of high-quality hot melt adhesives for a variety of applications. Our focus with Jowat includes providing solutions for tray, carton & case bonding, cap applications, sacks and bags production, and edge banding. With Jowat's industry knowledge and our dedication to quality, we strive to deliver top-notch adhesive solutions tailored to meet our customers' unique requirements.

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Tray Forming, Case & Carton Sealing

For your case erecting and sealing requirements, rely on OZ Packaging. We offer a comprehensive range of Jowat Toptherm® hot melts that ensure efficient processing, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. From tray assembly to folding box sealing and wrap-arounds, our state-of-the-art adhesive formulations keep processing costs low while meeting the latest industry trends like shelf-ready packaging. With special adhesives developed to tackle challenges like 180° flaps and high restoring forces, we ensure superior bonding performance. Trust OZ Packaging for high heat resistance, optimal adhesion, and compliance with food contact regulations, providing permanent bonds for your packaging needs.

  • Efficient Case Erecting and Sealing: Jowat Toptherm® hot melts ensure clean processing, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for tray assembly, folding box sealing, and wrap-arounds, reducing processing costs with low resource impact.
  • Trendy Solutions: Adaptable to industry trends like shelf-ready packaging, enhancing retail appeal and consumer convenience.
  • Specialized Tray Shapes: Designed for easy article removal with convenient cut-outs and 180° flaps, challenging for typical adhesives but met by Jowat's powerful formulations.
  • High Heat Resistance: Ideal for sealing cardboard boxes exposed to hot filling or transport conditions, ensuring a permanent bond even in extreme temperatures.
  • Deep-Freeze Packaging: Special adhesives for deep-freeze packaging offer flexibility at low temperatures, excellent adhesion, and resistance to humidity and mechanical stress.
  • Folding Box Sealing: Provides barrier protection for food packaging, especially from recycled paper, ensuring no harmful substances migrate into the food.
  • Superior Adhesion: Jowat adhesives excel on various barrier coatings, surfaces with finishing, film lamination, or varnish coatings, meeting high demands even with sensitive products like tea.

Cap Application

For all your closure and straw bonding needs, trust OZ Packaging. From a diverse selection of flip and screw caps to an array of drinking straw designs, we provide solutions that cater to every consumer preference. Our Jowatherm® adhesives ensure not only an appealing exterior appearance but also ease of handling, meeting rigorous manufacturing standards with high initial strength and optimal adhesion. With our commitment to compliance with food contact regulations, you can rest assured of both safety and quality.

  • Versatile Closures and Straws: A wide range of flip and screw caps, along with diverse drinking straw designs, cater to various consumer preferences.
  • Crucial Role of Adhesives: Adhesives ensure attractive packaging appearance and easy handling, meeting high manufacturing standards.
  • Challenges in Manufacturing: Adhesives must cope with increasing line speeds and various materials, requiring high initial strength and adhesion with minimal application.
  • Optimal Performance: Jowatherm® adhesives offer thermal stability, flexibility at low temperatures, and resistance to heat, ensuring permanent adhesion even after hot filling and cooling.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Adhesives meet food contact regulations, ensuring consumer safety.
  • Pillow Form Advantage: Jowatherm® adhesives in pillow form streamline processing, reduce waste, and are odorless and colorless, approved for direct food contact.
  • Innovative Manufacturing: Adhesive pillows are coextruded, maintaining technical properties without altering adhesive formulations, ensuring effective antiblocking.


Sacks & Bags Production | Woven Materials

For robust and efficient packaging solutions, turn to OZ Packaging. Our range of Jowat-Toptherm® hot melt adhesives ensures reliable bonding for synthetic woven packaging units, even on challenging materials like polypropylene. These adhesives offer exceptional durability, with tear and scratch resistance, weatherproofing, and low weight for easy handling and transport. Our innovative formulations boast excellent heat stability, minimizing production delays and maintenance while meeting strict food safety standards. Trust OZ Packaging for superior adhesion and lasting value in your packaging needs.

  • Heavy-Duty Packaging Solutions: Synthetic wovens are crucial for durable packaging units handling heavy loads, such as animal food, building materials, and fertilizers.
  • Superior Durability: Sacks and bags made from synthetic wovens are tear and scratch-resistant, weatherproof, and lightweight, enhancing transport and storage efficiency.
  • Versatile Advertising Medium: Woven carrier bags offer lasting value, easy customization for branding, and eco-friendly reusability, making them popular advertising tools.
  • Innovative Adhesive Solutions: Jowat-Toptherm® hot melt adhesives enable reliable bonding of synthetic woven packaging units, even on challenging materials like polypropylene, without prior surface treatment.
  • Exceptional Product Features: These adhesives boast good wetting properties, strong adhesive force, high aging stability, and excellent heat stability, minimizing production delays and maintenance work.
  • Food-Safe Formulations: Developed for use in the food sector, Jowat-Toptherm® adhesives meet stringent safety standards, ensuring suitability for packaging applications.