OZ Packaging Accouncements

We at OZ Packaging has some exciting changes coming beginning week of January.

  1. Launching new CRM/ERP system called Odoo
    1. Current Customers: You will no longer see QuickBooks anymore as accounting will be moving to new system 
    2. Current Customers: You can now create FREE account by clicking top right corner and sign in. For any assistance use our contact form so we can assist with account set up. 
      1. Your information will be tied to your company where you can see following items: 
        1. Quotations 
        2. Sales Orders 
        3. Invoice & Bills
        4. Tasks such as service tickets
    3. Customers can now use the contact form to create service request that will be directed to our service department
      1. Track ticket and communicate through ticket 
      2. upload images, videos and files so we can better assist 
    4. New and old customers can pay online with our integrated payment system

We would like to that Odoo and everyone who was part of making this happen. For all our existing customers please be patient as we transition. We want to make this a smooth and pain free transition as much as possible. If you need any help or have any concerns, please reach us 909-937-0000 so one of our representatives can assist.